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How I lost 57 pounds in 2 months, without starving, with no willpower.
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Dear Friend,

If you are interested in loosing weight, whether is 4.41 pounds or 110 pounds, or just loose stomach, then believe, this is probably the most important site that youíll ready in you life!
My name is Jo„o Sousa, Iím an engineer and Iím 33.

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I discovered the secret to loose weight and stay thin forever, without any effort!

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"thanks for all. I lost 32 pounds in 5 weeks." Jessica, U.S.A.

"thank you very much for the help youíre giving me. I lost 11 pounds in 2 weeks." Daniele,

"Iím here to thank you for showing us your secret for Free, so we can also become thin persons. Thank you very much! I want to ask you for a tip to the 12th Secret. I canít visualize 2 images simultaneously, even more with different colours. Iíve already visualized the fruits, as in your tip, with the fruits I can do it, but with the photos itís difficult. Can you help meÖ can these images have movementÖ I think it would be easier like this! Juliana

"John thank you, you changed my life forever." Carolyn U.S.A.

"Hello, Jo„o. My name is Sandra and I live in Brazil. One day I was desperately in front of my computer searching for a miraculous diet to help meÖ thatís when I discovered your site. I confess I was a little fearful but even so I wanted to see your site in order to discover what was in itÖ I think in that moment I found my salvation. Itís been a week since Iíve registered and I already saw some changes, but I know that I can improve. If have any more help I thank you a lot, Iím sure that this time Iíll succeedÖ Thank You!!!! Sandra Brazil

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"Yesterday I read all your Method and got surprised. Our mind is really incredible. I started to notice the difference in my eating behaviourÖ Yesterday I got home and had a wonderful meal that on the day before I would never rejectÖ But in fact I had dinner like a ďpoorĒ. I ate only a medium vegetables soup bowl. Iím realizing that now I donít wake in the morning thinking of food as I did before. On the contrary, my objective is fixed on my mind. Iím certain thatíll be capable of loosing the 44 pounds I need to loose. The Method is sensational, and Iím completely confident that my mind is getting thinner." Priscila, Brazil

"I finished reading your loosing weight Method, read all the Secrets and approved them. Starting now Iíll put them on practice. Iím very grateful for keeping it free to all that want to loose weight and have the ideal body." Mari, Brazil

"Hello, Iíd like to thank you for explaining this technique: it not also helps how to loose weight, but in many other things Iím using it. Iíve only been using it since 2 days ago, but Iíve tried it with a sentimental problem I have and works!!!! Thank you very much, I never thought like this before!!!! Iím really fat now!!!! And Iím going to do the exercises rightly!!!! I have 265 pounds, 1, 71m high and only 19 years. I do environmental engineer. I always wanted to be a vegetarian but when I get very anxious I canít control myself and now itís been easier. Iím still getting used to the explosion; itís not perfect yet, because Iím only in this for a little time. Thank you very much!

"I loved all the methods. Truly I didnít believe that it was possible to stay thin with no effort, itís amazing how it works. Is good to know that are people always willing to help others. " Andreia, Portugal

"...The sessions are really wonderful; the power we have to command our body is incredible. Iím feeling much better after these sessions. Iím already seeing results, Iím getting slimmer and all have already noticed that. Iíve been told that Iím starting to have a beautiful body..." Aline,

"Iím astonished! I loved all the sessions! Itís really incredible the power of our mind and often we donít take advantage of this potential we have. Even being at the beginning of the process, Iím already feeling huge changes, in all aspects. Really, as you said, at the moment we change on the inside, we start to change on the outside. We just need to Believe!!!!
Do you take a suggestion? Your site should be called:, therefore your method is simple ďall good!Ē Thank you very much!" Nininha,
"God, I did the final exercise this week with the ďpaveĒ (candy) and Iím impressedÖĒJoelma, Brazil

"People already started to notice that Iím getting slimmer. Iím feeling very good, this method opened my mind. Thank you! Eliane,

ďÖI did the exercise from the 10th session and it helped me, it was great. We comprehend the repudiation about that food once loved. Nilza, Brazil

ďThank you very much for helping me this much. Iím eating much less and feeling very well. Thatís wonderful.Ē

"Iím really amazed. I canít believe why not all the ones who want to loose weight or simply donít want to gain weight without diets donít use your method yet! I lost 16.31 pounds, as you promised without getting hunger or exercises. Thank you very much!Ē S. Maria (Leiria, Portugal)

"Of all the sites Iíve seen, this was the one who captured my attention, and I thought I could learn something important with you. I thought your site very sincere and believed that it could help me! And then, I lost 41.88 pounds, and thanks to you. Youíre very sweet.Ē Juliana (belťm, Brazil)

"(...) I was with health problems: artos column, bronchitis and many other problems, I was afraid of leaving my house, all I dressed wasnít right. When I saw your site, I thought that it was another to fool me. When I started to apply the knowledge that you passed me, I couldnít believe how it was possible to get slimmer with no willpower. Thank you very much, Jo„o.Ē Leila Nascimento (Rio, Brazil)

ď(...) Could it be possible that I could loose weight even eating everything I like? I needed to loose 22 pounds and honestly nothing worked. I was getting more and more anxiousÖ until I saw your site and everything has changed. Today, I have the weight I want and I feel happy. Kiss for you, Jo„o. Thank you! (Nelma, Brazil)

ď...Everybodyís asking me what Iíve done! When I found this site, I was with some doubts because it seemed to good to be true. Iíve already tried many ways to loose weight, but I didnít have good results and I always gained the lost weight. As I didnít have nothing to loose, I decided to try your method. After 2 months, I already have lost 41 pounds; most of my cellulite is gone! Thank you for revealing your secret. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! (Rosa, Tomar.)

ď(...) Yes, itís true. I CHOSE TO BE THIN, the best purchase of my life! As you asked, Iím writing to tell you about the results. I have to tell you that I couldnít be happier with the Secrets you revealed on the Secret Plan to loose weight! It was too easy, I just couldnít believe it. The truth is that it worked exactly as you said it would(...)Ē Andreia Morais, Lisboa)

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ď(...) IMPOSSIBLE! Thatís what I thought before I tried it! I had the usual beer belly (my wife was always teasing me!) and some extra pounds. Iíve already tried lots of things, so I was a little sceptic, but as I didnít have nothing to loose, I decided to try your method! I finally got a flat belly. I recommend to everybody!Ē Rui Castro. (ValenÁa, Portugal)



Do as I did! Iím going to tell you everything I discovered and learnt after so many losing weight attempts! Iíll tell you my secret to loose all the pounds you want with no effort and never more gain weight!
Even people with some extra pounds or even with some located fat, may suffer or suffer one day of health problems, as cardiovascular diseases.



Iíll never have to worry with overweight! Iíll be able to always eat my favourite food! I know Iíll never be fat again! Itís a problem less in my life!

The reason why Iím so confident that this method is going to work with you is because it worked with me and with thousands people.
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Do as I did and CHOOSE TO BE THIN, change your life, discover my secretÖ